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Latest News and Other Links Archives: January 2002

Sunday, January 6, 2002

I found this interesting item on a news site devoted to the Apple Macintosh, www.macintouch.com:

We've received a few messages about the removal of BBC News from Apple's QuickTime channels:

[MacInTouch reader] "The BBC World web page still lists shows QuickTime TV as their streaming video site on this page but now it just shows a message from Apple saying "Our channel selection has changed. To see your latest choices, please update your software now."

"Only a few months ago, BBC shut down their shortwave transmitters that broadcast to North America. It may be that BBC wants to generate more revenue from cable, DBS and XM satellite subscriptions, and perhaps they were demanding more money from Apple."

Posted by Ralph Brandi @ 1122 UTC [Link]

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