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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Proving that their cluelessness with regard to their American audience is not limited to World Service radio, BBC America television has sparked off a protest by moving the venerable Eastenders program from the Sunday airing it's had since BBC America started to a time on Friday when most of its audience is still at work. Angry fans started a website (gee, that seems like a good idea), but this time, BBC has pulled out the big guns and threatened the owners with legal action, proving that the best response to a little bit of love is an injury added to insult. The owners of the site have moved their campaign to another domain until things are resolved. Meanwhile, BBC America is deleting posts on their own discussion forum. When it was pointed out to them that their terms of service didn't forbid the deleted discussions, they changed the terms of service. Seems like someone's really got their knickers in a twist.

Posted by Ralph Brandi @ 1149 UTC [Link]

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