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Latest News and Other Links Archives: November 2001

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Site unseen (Media Monkey, The Guardian): "November 12: Just days after relaunching as the 'UK's number one digital destination' the BBCi news site has fallen over again. This afternoon's plane crash in NYC saw the smooth redesign of BBC.co.uk abandoned in favour of old school web design with jumbled text and tiny images. Bearing in mind that the site collapsed completely on September 11, this is at least an improvement of sorts. But if your news site goes down every time there's a big news story then what's the use in that?" You have to scroll down below the many paragraphs poking fun at the BBC's John Simpson for singlehandedly liberating Kabul to see this item.

Posted by Ralph Brandi @ 1556 UTC [Link]

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